Online presence finally live

It’s about time, we have a site up supporting sales, live chat, and product updates as they come… Bitworks has been delivering miners for quite some time now, primary sales channels to date have been direct via contacts made on bitcointalk and ebay,¬†and have been quite busy delivering systems to large and small customers alike but far too many customers have asked for more access to our offerings…

Our current flagship product, the 8 GPU FUEL miner is still in production, and orders have been strong, small and large buyers are welcome, including various revenue sharing and partnership opportunities at scale, providing one of the best ROIs on the market including excellent hardware resale.

Additional 470 and 480 GPUs are inbound at this time, and builds are progressing!

Some exciting news in the coming weeks as well, early release engineering samples for the Radeon RX 570 and 580 are inbound and will be tested in the coming days, hopeful we will receive authorization to disclose benchmarks.

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