Month: April 2018

What have we been up too?

It’s been a number of months since systems were available publicly, we initially pulled availability when the GPU market starting blowing up, and as a growing business we were just establishing stronger relationships with vendors.. We never stopped, we just pivoted to servicing larger customers where we had an easier time managing the unpredictable deliveries. The supply chain has matured and we are bringing in AMD and Nvidia GPUs almost weekly, direct from manufacturers to avoid some of the challenges with reseller supply and changing pricing, we have our own PSUs built as well and have refined a number of the system components to provide better overall value…

At the moment a few hundred systems per month are being delivered, with performance for ETH between 230-410Mhs (all 8 GPU units) depending on the model… There are a number of low volume high performance units we will be putting on the site shortly as we clear out some residual stock from the past couple of months, and we are continuing to supply customers with 20+ units in a single order, for reference the average order size has been roughly 100 units in the past 6 months.

Stay tuned for more, we are looking to get the site back up with regular updates and information….

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