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New Site Launch!

By January 2, 2023January 7th, 2023No Comments

Bitworks has continued operations since the initial launch of the old website, which focused on selling Bitworks GPU Miners… I know it was probably hard to tell if looking at the website, since there have not been any updates for quite some time… Anyway we are still here, and are back to doing some direct consumer support in 2023.

For some background and history… After the launch of the Bitworks GPU miner, sales were strong for quite some time, we were sourcing what parts we could in the US, and delivering XFX and then Sapphire GPUs. Bitworks continues to be a US supplier for Sapphire and select NVidia GPUs.

While retail sales for users continued, we were seeing more volume from customers looking for large scale deployments, so we supported a number of installs across the country. The team has a long history designing and deploying data centers (from sub 1Mw to 10Mw+) so it was natural to help customers deploy systems and build software around the management of those systems. The company focused more and more on large scale GPU operations, supporting both mining as well as AI/ML operations, and that support continues to this day.

To better support access to specific GPUs Bitworks has opened up direct retail sales again, and you will find a selection at our Shop. Bitworks largest supplier is Sapphire so there will tend to be more Sapphire products than others, however we do continue to import certain GPUs and other hardware and will offer those as well.

Thanks for checking us out, don’t hesitate to use the site chat or send an email to [email protected] if there are any questions.

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