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CES 2023

By January 14, 2023January 15th, 2023No Comments

CES is definitely getting it’s stride back again, this year saw over 100,000 attendees and a large footprint across all of the exhibitors… I was there this year in part for some meetings, but at the end of the day it’s hard not to enjoy the sheer volume of technology, and new products to check out… CES is what you make of it, and in my case it’s great to see some things on the horizon, and link up with vendors where I can have an in person discussion and talk through tech, issues, or simply whats coming…

I spent most of my time on the show floor in the Automotive hall , and the consumer electronics hall, and the usual technology demonstrations, and giveaways were in full swing… Post COVID it took LG to get back to form but this year was an absolute treat.. This 60’+ curved OLED display at the entrance to the booth was amazing. I took a short video that I just needed to share.

I ended up at the Stern booth to enjoy one of my other passions, playing Pinball… Got in some games on the new Bond Limited Edition machine with Stern and some YouTube Arcade channels, so you might see an interview or two discussing Bond. Some hints about what’s next but nothing firm, the big take away is that unlike Bond, which appeals most to 35+ year olds, the next title announced will really work across the board and appeal to a wide range.

This year did not see some of the same crypto related excitement as in recent years but the new focus of Web3 resulted in a number of companies making a push at CES…. I didn’t walk away excited by too much I saw, aside from the industry trying to find it’s feet, which is where we are right now….

NVIDIA had a special session to announce a number of new products and solutions, the first is the availability of 40 series laptops starting in February, and the 4070 Ti, which you will now find on many retail sites, including Bitworks. NVIDIA also had a number of announcements around new capabilities for 30 and 40 series GPUs, see the link for the full release.

It was a great show overall, it’s good to see CES coming back after COVID really shook the foundation of many large trade shows.

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