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Bitworks was established in 2015 by Brian Raymond, with the primary focus of developing a low cost 8 GPU 4U rack mount miner for both the crypto currency, and larger AI/ML industry. Bitworks grew out of work Brian was doing with CPU/GPU/FPGA/ASICs for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and at the time the new Ethereum crypto currency, work which started in 2011 with Bitcoin CPU/GPU mining, and then ASID development.

Projects such as the “padrino firmware” for KNC miners allowed users to run their miners significantly faster than the factory speed, and was quite popular. Another limited release was the universal firmware allowing a Beaglebone or rPI to run all KNC miners… Given they were overshadowed by newer miners the software sat idle, and ended up just being another hack to allow hardware flexability.

The Bitworks 4U GPU miner became popular in the growing ETH mining community, originally sold for under $2,000 it delivered amazing value for customers. Various versions were developed, to include a 16 GPU system (15 GPUs run well in it) however they never saw mass production as density ended up being an issue for only a very small subset of customers.

Bitworks has supported the design and deployment of GPUs & ASICs from 500Kw – 20+ Mw, and everything in between and that work continues with customers that reach out looking for help or partnerships.

Over the years strong relationships have been developed with various manufacturers and distributors, so Bitworks provides access to GPU hardware when available. The site is updated often with NVidia and AMD offerings, please check back often for new items, or reach out with any requests.


Bitworks operates primarily online, however products ship from multiple warehouses because we utilize 2 primary 3PL providers to support logistics.

Please reach out via email or chat, we can also setup a phone call as I talk to many customers who want to learn more about the business, or engage with consulting.

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