NVIDIA H100 80 GB HBM2e PCIe Tensor Core GPU


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Currently accepting back orders with a 6-8 week lead time.

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Introducing the NVIDIA H100 80 GB HBM2e PCIe Tensor Core GPU, the ultimate solution for high-performance graphics processing in datacenter server environments. Designed to deliver unrivaled power and efficiency, this GPU offers exceptional capabilities for advanced applications and data-intensive tasks.

Equipped with the cutting-edge H100 Tensor Core GPU, this unit ensures superior computational performance and enables seamless deep learning and AI acceleration. The onboard 80GB High-bandwidth Memory (HBM2e) provides lightning-fast data access, making it ideal for handling large datasets, complex models, and intensive workloads. With its 5120-bit memory interface, this GPU delivers incredible memory bandwidth for unparalleled performance.

The NVIDIA H100 GPU features a Dual-slot air-cooled design, ensuring optimal airflow and efficient heat dissipation. This passive-cooling solution guarantees thermal stability, enabling sustained high-level performance even during demanding tasks. Additionally, the NVLINK technology with a transfer rate of 600GB/s enhances communication between multiple GPUs, offering enhanced scalability and flexibility for advanced computing setups.

This GPU is equipped with PCIe Gen5, offering 128GB/s bandwidth for lightning-fast data transfers, ensuring seamless communication with the host system. The NVIDIA H100 GPU is a reliable choice for datacenter applications, digital rendering, AI development, and scientific computing.

Experience the unparalleled performance and cutting-edge capabilities of the NVIDIA H100 80 GB HBM2e PCIe Tensor Core GPU. Upgrade your datacenter server graphics processing power and take your applications to new heights. Order now and unleash the full potential of your computing environment with NVIDIA’s state-of-the-art technology.

Product Specifications:
– Brand: NVIDIA
– Chipset/GPU Model: NVIDIA H100
– Chipset Manufacturer: NVIDIA
– Memory Size: 80 GB
– Memory Type: HBM2e
– MPN: 900-21010-0000-000
– Condition: New (Condition ID: 1000)

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Chipset/GPU Model


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Memory Size

80 GB

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