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Used / Refurbished GPUs – Quality & Testing

By January 15, 2023No Comments

We have had a number of customers ask about the quality of our used & refurbished GPUs so I wanted to recap what we offer for hardware on the site, and across Bitworks sales channels (Newegg, Amazon, eBay).

The bulk of our hardware offerings are New in Box, everything is acquired direct from the factory or from a major distributor, we do not resell hardware purchased through retail channels, however we sell on channels where those types of sales are popular so it’s sometimes hard to figure out what you are buying. Bitworks supports factory warranties for everything sold, any deviations from standard manufacturer warranties will be noted on the product pages. An example of this, which is not very frequent now, but used to be, is the selling of GPUs for crypto mining, most manufacturers limit the warranty to 6 months. I have had many customers say well we just buy full warranty retail cards since they cannot tell, it’s true they cannot always tell, but any GPU months old running for 24/7 will show signs of it unless it’s in a very well cooled and stable environment (low humidity, etc.). Most mining facilities are not that so it becomes obvious fairly quickly, however at this point those GPU offers are rare given that the market has cooled down relative to 2021-2022.

Our refurbished GPUs are factory refurbished, we buy in bulk direct from the factory quarterly and offer those to the market. They come with a DOA warranty and if you do have any issues don’t hesitate to reach out for support.

Our used GPUs come from specific sellers in bulk, we package and sell trough various channels, our website as always has the least expensive offers since we do not need to pay fees to the marketplace to sell, which average about 10%.

Anything we buy that is consumer oriented (display outputs) is tested with set of Unigine ( benchmarks to confirm the GPU is fully functional and cooled. We record the results of the test for later reference in case there are questions about the performance of the GPU.

For professional series GPUs, such as the NVidia Quadro series, A100, H100, CMP 170HX the test will differ depending on the GPU. If a GPU without any display outputs we run through a battery of CUDA and/or OpenCL tests (AMD) to confirm operation.

All of our used and refurbished GPUs are high quality, we do not always know what’s coming in, however if there are any specific requests don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

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